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P-Shot Treatment Specialist in Frisco, Denton, and Plano, TX

Common questions asked by clients: What is the P shot? How long does the P shot last? How much does a P-shot cost? How many sessions are required for P-shot? The P shot is a medically approved, safe, and reliable treatment for erectile dysfunction. If you are a candidate for a P shot, visit our board-certified specialist, Dr. Mohan, and his team at Pain Specialists of Frisco for proper consultation and treatment. For more information, contact us or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations in Frisco, TX and Denton, TX. And we are easily accessible from Plano TX, little Elm, TX, McKinney, TX.

P-Shot Treatment Specialist Near Me in Frisco, TX and Denton, TX
P-Shot Treatment Specialist Near Me in Frisco, TX and Denton, TX

If you are suffering from Erectile dysfunction Or Peyronie’s disease or wish your Pencil was bigger in size, a P shot could help you. It could also help in Lichen Sclerosis and Penile Rehabilitation after Prostatic surgery.

It is a simple outpatient procedure that has an excellent safety record.

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